Thank you for choosing to rent with Gordon Properties Inc. We are constantly working to make being a renter a little easier. Take a look around our website for tenant resources and information!

Please see our tenant online payment option. Keep in mind it takes a few days to activate your account, but once your account is set up you can make secure online rent payments anywhere you can access the internet!

See our maintenance request link. Since you are here, you already know requests need to be in writing, note the following for maintenance:

  • Be sure to call 911 immediately for any life-threatening emergencies including fire or intruder/break-ins.
  • For after hour EMERGENCIES, contact Chris Gordon. Emergencies include flooding, fire, “act of god,” or lockout where you require Gordon Properties’ after hours assistance to get back in your rental. Please be conscientious and do not call Chris after hours for non-emergency maintenance. He will refer you to our company policy and ask you to submit a written maintenance request. Chris Gordon can be reached at 503-341-0384 for maintenance EMERGENCIES.

To submit a maintenance request, please explain the problem or what isn’t working. We will have a better idea of who needs to come repair it. Instead of saying my stove doesn’t work, say “my oven won’t get hot”, or instead of my sink leaks, “there is a drip under my kitchen sink when I run the faucet”. Be sure we have current contact information for you.

Our maintenance people will set an appointment with you if you request it. Any missed appointments will be charged to you, so please don’t set one if you won’t be there and listening for the door.

Be sure any pets or animals are safely contained in the rental property so they can’t escape, our contractors can’t be responsible for your pets or animals, but you can be.

We always endeavor to get repairs done as quickly as possible and are constantly working to improve the procedures. We abide by the timelines in Oregon landlord tenant law – essential services must be addressed within 24 hours of the repair request being received by our company – examples of this include heat in winter, or water at the property unless it was shut off by the water company due to tenant failure to pay. Appliances or air conditioning are not essential services, when these things fail to work, they are inconvenient. Please be sure to make arrangements to work around not having services while the contractors do their job, they are usually working for several people on any given day and sometimes have several days of jobs lined up. Also maintenance requests tend to be prioritized much like a hospital emergency room, if a flood is leaking through a ceiling and causing the plaster to fall it will be a higher priority than a non-working clothes dryer. Thanks for your understanding.

Extreme weather conditions and power outages can possibly cause exceptions to essential or non-essential services being restored.

Some smart reminders: Don’t forget to winterize your property before the cold weather. Also check your furnace/heat source before the cold fronts start freezing the city, contractors are usually not available with a quick turn time when those seasonal repairs start, the same is true for air conditioned homes. Don’t forget to change the filter in your furnace frequently when the furnace is in use.

Be sure to check your stove/oven several days before holidays, we can’t send the appliance guys out on Thanksgiving day.